The Learning Tree!

The Learning Tree is a great way to get students to think about what they have learned, how they have learned and what skills they have used. It aids reflection and also really helps students to think about what happens next.


It can be used as a starter activity to get students to think about skills they want to work on in the lesson, they can record the skills on a post it and think of strategies to use. They will often revisit these notes at the end of the lesson or even during the next lesson and see if they have achieved what they wanted to do. Students often use the tree to reflect, questions like: what went well this lesson? what do you want to improve next lesson? are favourites of the students. I have used the tree to plan my next lessons; students will post what they have learned in the lesson and what they want to know more about in the next lesson.


The Learning Tree can be adapted in many ways as you can post any questions you want and students can choose which question they want to answer. It is a great tool to help students and teachers and it can be used for any subject!

Susan White
Head of Science

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