TECHNOLOGY and the Three Es


Technology can be expressive (and impressive).  Its power lies in its ability to make things happen. It allows the students to work with peers, showcase learning and share their work effectively. After all, our students are digital natives and this process is completely natural to them (if not, perhaps, to all of us).

Technology can also be empowering and engaging. It opens doors to different worlds. Students can communicate online and conduct research. They can experience simulations and virtual reality. The potential to gather information, analyse and evaluate is infinite.  Learning, both as a group or independently, can take place 24/7. Finding things out and collaborative teamwork are the two main areas which technology can be the facilitator (students can work on projects at home using digital collaboration tools such as Titanpad).

Whether through expression or empowerment, engagement via technology can improve student outcomes. It’s a positive mechanism (but not the only one). Think of it in the same way as a pen or calculator (a productive tool). Embrace it and encourage it, but use it when it will work magic!

Ask Lisa Finch for more details!


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