Teacher Talking Time

Teacher Talk Time

There seems to be a competitive element among the teachers, even outside of the PE department. A Welsh English teacher was even spotted miming instructions to students so that she could beat her previous time…

Overall, there seems to have been a positive response. Teachers felt that they were reflecting on what was being said and considering its value to the learning. And this was exactly the point.

This monitoring of talk-time tried to encourage student leadership and student-checking of the instructions, rather than teachers repeating them over and over again. In terms of instructional talk, some teachers were able to provide this in writing rather than wasting time talking or reading the instructions out from powerpoint slides.

Some teachers felt that the activity was valuable and will be incorporating this into their practice. Some teachers liked the challenge. Some teachers (including myself) were surprised about how much they spoke in a lesson.

Personally, I learnt I need to shut up more and let the students open up in return.

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