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Are you hesitant about trying out room 2? Teachers and students who have used it so far have been enthused by the different learning environment. One of the ways I used it with my Year 9s was to divide them into small groups to solve genetic problems, before explaining their thoughts to the class. Here are some of their thoughts at the end of the lesson:

  • “It was good for all of us to see each others’ ideas, and to get up and do something active”.
  • “It was really interesting and fun to work on the walls. It was different”
  •  “I think the class should go in here more often”
  •  “Useful as easier and quicker writing on the boards. You can find information across the whole room.”
  • “it was fun to write on the walls. The feel of the room is energetic and it was very fun to learn”

The room isn’t only suitable for key stage 3 though, as this enthusiastic group of year 13s demonstrated:


They were even full of ideas of how to use the room next time:

yr13 ideas


The bean bags have proved a hit, and are being used here for the ‘audience’ listening to a group explaining their ideas:


Despite their request of this being their permanent classroom being turned down, the students left the lesson looking forward to the next time they will be actively learning in room 2.

If you’re not sure how to get started, or how you could use room 2 for your subject, then please ask Charlie and the ASTs for suggestions. Remember that the booking form is on the T-drive in Teaching and Learning – have a go, you won’t regret it!


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4 comments on “Room 2….
  1. Patrick McMurren says:

    A really useful experience for both students and me! A different teaching environment that allowed the students to access opportunities not available in a ‘standard’classroom eg wall writing.

    Will definately use it regularly!

    Should all ‘standard’classrooms be like this…..?

  2. Lynsey Hilton says:

    Market place set up for this room would be great. Each group to have to consider the most important information to share with other groups to build up a whole topic! Looking forward to doing some Artist market place research in there!

  3. Lottie Hendey says:

    My Sixth form class love it in Room 2! I have used it to go through exam questions, putting a different question on each wall and assigning a student to a question. They became very territorial over their wall!

  4. jeremy grigg says:

    My Year 8 class were so excited, I had to throw them out. I found setting up the tables ‘conference style’worked, as a central seating area, when I had to drag them away from the walls.

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