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Ideas for starters to go in here

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  1. Andrew Tkaczuk says:

    Try to set up 4 zones (could be the corners) in your classroom and place the letters A, B , C and D on the walls.Then read out a question about the topic you are doing ( or about to start – to find out about prior knowledge)with 4 possible answers e.g.
    The last successful invasion of Britain was when and by whom?
    a = 1066 the Vikings
    b = 1940 the French
    c = 1066 the Normans
    d = 1588 the Spanish

    the students walk quickly around to their chosen area. The ones that are right stay in for the next question the rest sit down but can continue to play just on their own. Keep going until time is up or you have just 1 person left. Quickly discuss the right answers. KS3 really like this when I have done it in the past.
    Andrew Tkaczuk

  2. Andrew Gibbs says:

    Like it. Reminds me of a circa 1980 kids TV show called “Runaround”, presented by an abrasive cockney bloke called Mike Reid. May try this starter with the SLT at our Tuesday meetings….

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