Quick Plenary Ideas

A couple of ideas to get started:

1. Compose a text or tweet in only 140 characters summarising this topic/character/scene/chapter
2. Students nominate a fellow pupil who has said something that they will remember that helped them in today’s lesson – feedback reasons

Check out the plenary prodcuer in the Starters and Plenaries section of the Teaching and Learning area of the T-drive for loads of ideas!

Here’s an example from Lucy Ellis:

Traffic Light Plenary
This plenary is designed to be quick and easy to plan for and involves student self-assessment. Students are each given a post-it note at the end of the lesson. I ask them to write down:

1) their name
2) one new idea they learnt in the lesson
3) the level they think they achieved in the lesson (it works best if the LO or activities are levelled so students know which levels they could have achieved and how).

Then students place their post-it on the colour they feel represents their progress most on the ‘traffic light poster’ (picture coming soon!). For example:

Green = I got it!
Orange = I got most of it but need some more time
Red = I need more time on this

This allows students to self-assess their progress in the lesson and gives you a quick idea of which students feel they need more time – you can then check up with these pupils next lesson to provide additional support if needed. I also ask students to stick the post-it notes in their books next lesson as evidence of self-assessment and this is something I focus on when I mark their books.

A similar technique is to have coloured boxes – green, orange and red – which students place their books in at the end of the lesson, again as a way of quickly assessing whether they felt comfortable/confident in their progress during the lesson.

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