Power Teaching

Power Teaching


Power teaching is a technique to use when you have to teach some key points that students just need to know.  It can be used to replace the chalk and talk part of your lesson.  The basic principle is that students repeat the same information several times using actions and different voices to help them remember it.  When power teaching you use the following commands:

Teacher says “class,” students say “yes”

Teacher says “teach,” students say “ok.”

Hand and eye point: when you are delivering a key piece of information ask students to put their hands together and eyes on.

How it actually works: Have a PowerPoint with the information on use pictures and not too many words. Get the students attention by saying “class” they say “yes” and you tell them some information using actions to go with it (only about a sentence at a time) you then say “teach” and they say ‘’yes’’ and then have to turn to each other (working in pairs) and repeat what you have told them with the actions.  Each student in the pair should have a chance to talk and a chance to listen. You then call them back (class) and starting from the beginning add an extra point on. Repeat this until you have finished teaching the segment.

Then ask students to write it down in their books (they should not write during the actual activity) let them discuss it and use the actions as prompts. There are loads of ways to differentiate this activity, ask me for some tips.

If you want to see this in action search on youtube or ask me (I have a video of it or you could observe me doing it.)


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