Personalised Learning – MUST | SHOULD | COULD

Personalised Learning

Appropriate stretch, challenge and support for all.


  • Ensure that all students, regardless of their starting point make progress.
  • Plan tasks that match the needs of the group, including how you will provide further challenge and support for identified students.
  • Dictate the pace of the lesson by student progress rather than by planned content.
  • Deploy Learning Support Assistants carefully (where applicable.)


  • Devise lessons according to prior assessment and subject targets, making full use of resources available to cater for learning needs.
  • Frequently consult Learning Support Assistants (where applicable) so that they become an integral part of the lesson.
  • Encourage students to use technology on an independent basis, to consolidate classroom activities and learning. A range of digital resources (online and offline) may be used to support student learning


  • Support students in evaluating their needs and allowing them to make suitable decisions to allow personal learning.
  • Create opportunities for students to direct their own learning according to their needs and choices.
  • Ensure that all students make exceptional progress over time (evidence beyond scope of single observation – can be supported by data.)
  • Integrate technology which extends learning, inside and outside of the classroom.

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