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Inspiration and Motivation

Students are interested and engaged in both independent and collaborative tasks.


  • Ensure that students enjoy the lesson.
  • Plan student-centred activities that are appropriate and quickly re-engage any students who are off-task.
  • Involve students in understanding the big picture and relevance of their learning.
  • Encourage students to demonstrate pride in their work.
  • Facilitate student’ use of technology, when appropriate, to encourage ownership of learning.
  • Provide home learning which complements classwork.


  • Plan activities that exploit the interests of your learners and allow them to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Enthuse and help motivate learners; ensuring that any confusion is quickly identified.
  • Create/use dynamic, digital resources that motivate and enthuse students.
  • Collaborate through the use of technology.


  • Create students who are enthusiastic and motivated, driving the direction of the lesson and taking ownership of their learning.
  • Allow students to lead, such as using them to explain concepts to their peers.
  • Emphasise cross-curricular knowledge and links to enhance the relevance of the lesson.

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