Fox 4 all/Plenary wheel

A quick and effective plenary that encourages students to reflect on their own learning as well as incorporating some group discussion. Give the following instructions to students.

  1. Get into groups of 4
  2. Cut out the shapes ad save two of each
  3. Individually on card 1 write a brief summary of what you have learnt today
  4. Individually on card 2 write what you think are the most important points
  5. Sweep the group and exchange ideas
  6. Stick the cards onto a piece of paper to form a circle
  7. In the middle space write 3 to 5 points which you think are the most important
  8. Around the outside give 3 to 5 reasons why your group think these are the most important.

See the picture below of a completed wheel. This could be used for content or as a BLTS exercise to consider how they have learnt in a lesson.

Ask Claire Duncalf for the wheel resource and more details.


plenary wheel


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