Evaluating teamwork.

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Use group work as an opportunity for students to develop their learning and thinking skills using the work sheet below. Put students in groups but give one member of the team the sheet (without telling the others what is on it.) They then observe how well the team work and can feed back to them after the task.  This can lead to excellent discussions on what leads to successful group work. Any questions about this please ask Adrian Hall.

Group work Observer
Please keep this sheet to yourself.  Do not show it to your group.


Did you notice any of the following behaviour?


Interrupting   Inviting someone to contribute  
Shouting out   Adding to someone else’s idea  
Ignoring   Asking someone a question  
Making fun   Listening  
Being rude   Congratulating  
Being silly   Giving way to someone else  
Withdrawing   Standing up for yourself  
Passengers (someone not contributing)   Planning  
Not listening   Organisation  

For each behaviour witnessed, give some details here and try to explain what effect (good or bad) each behaviour had.

What were people doing apart from the job they were supposed to be doing?




Were there any leaders?  What did they do?  How did they become leaders?




How equally did people take part?  What impact did this have on getting the job done?




What did the teacher do to help/hinder the class?




What advice would you give to the class and the teacher for next time?





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