Embedding BLTS in your lessons

In Languages, we have created and are developing a bank of resources & ready-made BLTS lessons for the whole department to use (then comment & edit if/when necessary). The aim is to have as many different BLTS lessons already made and ready to use & to continue to improve our teaching and the learning experience of our students by sharing as much good practice as possible. For example, at the end of each module, we have a carousel of activities that focuses on the BLTS targets of a Year group to revise from before a test. Teachers can borrow a pack that contains a lesson plan + all the resources needed for that lesson. After the lesson, the teacher is encouraged to feedback so that the pack can be edited & improved.

You will find some examples of resources on the T drive

T:\1 – Departmental Resources\French\BLTS\Forms

T:\1 – Departmental Resources\French\BLTS\Expo 1\Module 1\En Plus Caroussel

Any questions please ask Magali Hillier


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