Communication – MUST | SHOULD | COULD


Students confidently discuss learning and challenge others’ views appropriately. Strong relationships develop with their peers and teachers.


  • Act in a professional manner and regularly praise the students.
  • Generate a respectful learning environment where the students feel safe.
  • Role model good listening skills and empathy for the students.
  • Convey enthusiasm for learning and for your subject, supported by good subject knowledge.
  • Organise your classroom resources.


  • Provide honest, constructive and encouraging feedback which is communicated clearly, and acted upon.
  • Foster strong working relationships through communication of interests.
  • Provide lessons which are dominated by student-speak and activity, rather than teacher-speak.
  • Use technology where appropriate, to present ideas and express collaborative efforts.
  • Use technology to communicate and share ideas outside of the classroom.
  • Allow students to use digital tools to access documents and submit work electronically.


  • Encourage students to collaborate effectively, sharing and challenging ideas and opinions appropriately.
  • Plan a lesson structure which flows with well-planned transitions between activities.

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