Catering for students with Aspergers syndrome

Want to know which strategies you can use to support students with Aspergers syndrome? See below:

  • Provide a predictable environment and routine and prepare students for any upcoming changes
  • Ensure that each student is seated in a position of least distraction and close to the teacher or other source of information to which the student must respond
  • Do not do for the students what they can do for themselves
  • Give clear, precise, concrete instructions, and don’t assume that mere repetition means that the student has understood
  • State expectations clearly and allow each student time to process the information
  • Concentrate on changing unacceptable behaviours and do not worry about those which are simply odd
  • Give students some space and avoid cornering or trapping them


Want to learn more? Speak to Claire Appleby/Louise Clarkson or check out the Learning Support Bulletins: T:\1 – Departmental Resources\Learning Support\Supporting Ed Needs In Class Differentiation\LS Bulletin

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