Catering for students with ADHD

Want some tips on how to ensure students with ADHD strive in your classroom? Look no further:

  • Seat the students towards the front of the class and closer to you and the board.
  • Keep an extra supply of pens, pencils and paper for students liable to lose or forget them.
  • Allow a larger ‘personal space’ for students with poor impulse control.
  • Show students an example of a completed task so that they can understand the aim of the task.
  • During question and answer sessions, say the student’s name and pause before asking the question so that it is clear that his or her attention is required.
  • Teach study skills, such as note taking, ‘to do’ lists and time management, so that the student can become more self-sufficient in organising him or herself.
  • Use rewards for good behaviour rather than punishment for bad behaviour, wherever possible.
  • Avoid public criticism but work out a system of visual cues so the student is aware of his or her misdoings.
  • Unstructured times, such as lunch break or playtime extra supervision may be needed. This is also true of less structured activities, such as watching audio-visual materials or going on outings.
  • Ensure clear class rules and expectations, poster on board / next to board.
  • Give fiddle objects like blu-tack, paper clips, and rubbers.


Want to learn more? Speak to Claire Appleby/Louise Clarkson or check out the Learning Support Bulletins: T:\1 – Departmental Resources\Learning Support\Supporting Ed Needs In Class Differentiation\LS Bulletin

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