Catering for dyslexic students

Not sure what to do to support dyslexic students in your lessons? Although each dyslexic student is unique the following tips could help you:

  • Work from an area of strength
  • Use a multi – sensory programme of teaching and learning
  • Use pictures, plans, flow charts, mind maps, pictorial timetables
  • Use videos, tapes and Dictaphones to encourage alternative ways of recording
  • Make use of ICT – encourage application / use of laptops in class
  • Provide key words lists and displays
  • Encourage the use of line trackers, book marks and coloured overlays
  • Keep board work to a minimum – or print it out for students
  • Allow sufficient TIME for all activities
  • Use lots of PRAISE
  • Ensure that students are AWARE that homework has been set
  • Allow sufficient TIME for students to copy homework from the board

Want to learn more? Speak to Claire Appleby/Louise Clarkson or check out the Learning Support Bulletins: T:\1 – Departmental Resources\Learning Support\Supporting Ed Needs In Class Differentiation\LS Bulletin



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