Behaviour Management

Classroom Suggestions:

  1. Ensure activities are purposeful and interesting with clear goals.
  2. Provide adequate and relevant learning resources which offer choice and motivation to participate.
  3. Negotiate shared understanding, expectation and acceptance of responsibilities and choices which decision making opportunities.
  4. Encourage self evaluation
  5. Ensure students have an understanding of consequences of choices and their individual behaviour.

Persistent Talking?

Consider setting aside some β€œchat” time, e.g. the first few minutes of the lesson whilst handing out books. If students are given a chance to chat they may be less likely to talk at inappropriate times.

Lack of Attention?

When students find it hard to pay attention in the classroom consider sending them for a quick drink of water to get them to move around the room. A change of position will help them sit back down and re-focus on a task or provide appropriate distractions e.g. visual – picture, handout, task, involve them

It is also important to note there are different types of Attention – FOCUS, DIVIDED and SUSTAINED.

Want more details? Check out the T drive – Departmental
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One comment on “Behaviour Management
  1. Jeremy Grigg says:

    Thank you for the reminders! I think it is easy to complacent with regard to behaviour management at this school and it is useful to have these reminders.

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