Assessment and Questioning – MUST | SHOULD | COULD

Assessment and Questioning

Students demonstrate and evaluate their understanding in a variety of ways. Quality feedback helps students move forward.


  • Allow students time to respond.
  • Assess student understanding through verbal and written means during the lesson.
  • Monitor regularly as evidenced through box bubble feedback in exercise books and records kept in staff planner and department database.
  • Ensure that students know the level/grade they are currently working at and how to improve.


  • Utilise a questioning style which promotes student involvement and is used to evaluate understanding.
  • Produce feedback which is detailed and accurate, and provides advice to allow students to progress.
  • Regularly deploy Self- and Peer-assessment.
  • Use technology to assess understanding, provide feedback, record and monitor progress as well as to generate targets.
  • Spend significant time with both individuals and small groups.


  • Adjust the lesson plan as a result of active monitoring.
  • Create activities which encourage students to reflect on learning so that self-assessment and evaluation leads to student-generated targets.
  • Ensure that students respond to written feedback systematically

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